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Long Essay

This assignment assesses your ability to engage with an extended historical discussion on a particular topic and question. You should do the following:

  • Choose a question. This may be one of the weekly seminar questions or a question of your own choosing, as discussed with your seminar tutor or the module convenor. You should choose a topic that interests you and your tutors will be very happy to provide additional readings or offer suggestions on approaches the essay could take. [NB essays that usually achieve the highest marks have been developed in consultation with the seminar tutor and module convenor]
  • The essay should engage with both secondary literature and primary sources in depth. This may overlap with the primary source analysis for the Essay Plan assessment.
  • The essay will be marked for evidence of some of the following: clarity and sophistication of argument and/or interpretation; evidence of sound understanding of the historical perspectives informing this topic; evidence of understanding primary texts in their context; evidence of originality in thinking about the ideas and commitments of the authors studied; quality of presentation, formatting and correct citation procedure.
  • Please refer to the essay checklist provided by the module convenor for guidance on presentation, formatting, style and assistance with primary source citation: