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Assessment and Contact Hours

Assessment deadlines are set by the department and can be accessed here
Assessment requirements
  • Shorter assignment (1,500-words, worth 10%): this takes the form of a commentary on a primary source or two conceptually linked sources or a comparison of two primary sources. You could take any of the documents we have studied in class or find the longer versions of them if they are extracts, or choose another document (please ask me about the latter). For guidance about how to write a commentary see here
  • Longer assignment (3,000-words; worth 40%): involves the writing of an extended essay on a particular theme (to be finalized early in the Spring Term). You are encouraged to devise your own question in consultation with the module tutor.
  • 'Take-away', 2-question exam (worth 40%): choose from among 10 topics as illustrated in past papers
  • Oral participation (worth 10%): based on general input into our classes (in terms of preparation, quality of contributions, methodological / historiographical observations, listening skills & engagement with other points of view).
  • Module assessment

    Assessment group Assessment name Percentage
    15 CATS (Module code: HI2D2-15)
    A1 (Assessed work only) Assignment 1: Oral participation 10%
      Essay Plan 40%
      Essay 50%
    30 CATS (Module code: HI2D2-30)
    D1 (Assessed/examined work) Assignment 1: Oral participation/engagement 10%
      Assignment 2: Commentary/review 10%
      Assignment 3: Essay 40%
      Exam 40%

    Contact Hours

    Student contact hours for this second-year option module are as follows:

    • Module duration (30 CATS): Twenty-two weeks (15 CATS): 11 weeks
    • Lectures: (30 CATS): Twenty one-hour lectures (15 CATS): 11 one hour lectures
    • Seminars: (30 CATS): Twenty one-hour seminars and one one-hour revision seminar (15 CATS): 11 seminars
    • Tutorials: (30 CATS): Four hours of presentation feedback, essay feedback, and long essay preparation (15 CATS): Two hours of presentation feedback, essay feedback, and essay preparation
    Visiting Exchange Students:

    Please observe any separate deadlines listed in the departmental guidelines closely.

    For more information regarding assessment & submission please see the Department website

    Full year students taking 30 CATS modules will complete the same assessment as home students. Any visiting students on a 15 CATS module will complete the same assessment as home students.