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Students should read carefully the formal requirements as set out by the Department in the Assessment and Submission webpages.

You can also consult the deadline map.

This module is a Second Year Early Modern Option (30 CATS)

  • 1 x 1500 word Essay (10%): You can base your essay on one of the seminar questions. You can change the questions slightly to make them more focused (for example: Did the benefits outweigh the disadvantages of urban life in fourteenth-century England?' Alternatively, you can formulate your own question, but please check with your seminar tutor if you are intending to do this.
  • 1 x 3000 word Essay (40%): Same as above, but it might be a good idea to choose a broader question this time as this is going to be a longer essay.
  • 2-hour seven-day take-home exam (40%)
  • Seminar Participation/engagement (10%). Please fill in this FORM and submit it via Tabula. Please consult the seminar contribution marking criteria.

Submission Information.

You should submit an electronic version of all your work via Tabula, since it will be put through the department's anti-plagiarism software.

For information on marking criteria, formatting, referencing, etc., please see the undergraduate student handbook and the undergraduate style guide.

Please remember to check back to this page for further information updates.

Deadlines & Extension requests.

Most questions about assessment, including submission deadlines and extension requests are answered on the department Submission & Assessment webpages.

Non Submission.

You are required to submit all pieces of assessed work and should note that a mark of zero will be recorded for any essay which is not submitted. The average for the overall assessment mark will in this case be calculated over the total number of essays required, and will result in a much lower average.