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The Italian Renaissance


Lecture: The Italian Renaissance

Seminar and Essay Questions

  1. Why was there a revival of antiquity in the Italian states between 1250 and 1500?
  2. 'The importance of Florence in the development of the Italian Renaissance has been exaggerated'. Discuss.
  3. Did women experience the Renaissance in the same way as men?
  4. Was the Renaissance limited to elite culture only?


  1. Extract from Pico Della Mirandola, Oration On the Dignity Of Man.
  2. Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527): History of Florence: Lorenzo de' Medici
  3. Leonardo da Vinci writes to offer his services to Ludovico 'il Moro' of Milan, c.1483
  4. Laura Cereta's letters: 'Letter to Bibulus Sempronius, Defense of the liberal instruction of women' (pp.74-80) (optional: 'Letter to Lucilia Vernacula, Against women who disparage learned women', pp.81-83) (in Diana Robin (ed. trans), Collected letters of a Renaissance feminist (University of Chicago Press, 1997)


Leonardo's Vitruvian Man

Leonardo's Bridge for the Sultan

Leonardo Bruni's Panegyric to the City of Florence (c.1403-4)

Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists: Leonardo da Vinci

The Medici. In Our Time. BBC Radio programme (26 December 2013)

Introductory Reading

Barber, The Two Cities, (no readings)

Bartlett, The Making of Europe, (no readings)

Waley, Later Medieval EuropeLink opens in a new window, 153-166, 192-200

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