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Week Lectures:
Seminar Topic
Autumn Term 2 Defining the Middle Ages: An Overview Social Norms
3 Freedom and Unfreedom: Serfdom and Slavery Rural Society
4 Towns, Trade and Wealth: Debt, Credit and Profit Urban Society
5 Religious life and the Church

The Medieval Church

6 Reading week  
7 Religious Norms and Heresy Heresy
8 The Black Death Economy and Society after the Black Death
9 Popular protest

Popular Protest

10 Marriage and Family Life The Medieval Family
  Christmas Break  

Spring Term

1 Transgressing Gender Roles Cross-dressing and Prostitution

The Supernatural

Revenants, Witches and Demons
3 The Rise of the Universities Learning and Society 
4 The Italian Renaissance The Renaissance  
5 The Crusades European contact with others: the Crusades 
  Reading week  
7 Heresy in the Later Middle Ages Lollards and Hussites
8 The Hundred Years War Government and Warfare 
9 England and France in the Fifteenth Century Late Medieval Monarchies 

Female Power and Queenship in Fifteenth-Century England and Renaissance Italy

Elite power and Queenship
Summer Term 1 The Rise of the Ottomans The Early Ottoman Empire