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  • Oral participation/engagement (10%) The marking criteria for how seminar participation/engagement is assessed in the student handbook.
  • TERM 1, WEEK 5: 1500 word 'state of the field' essay (10%) [See general history department guidelines]
  • TERM 2, WEEK 7: 3000 word source-based creative essay (40%). Examples could include:
    • to curate and catalogue an exhibition (floor plan, labels, blurbs, and critical commentary to add up to 3,000 words).
    • to create a video/film/audio 'true crime' documentary or podcast (transcript and critical commentary must add up to 3,000 words).
  • TERM 3, WEEK 3: 3000 word research project on the topic of your choosing (40%) [See general history department guidelines]

For information on deadlines, please see the handbook or Tabula.

See here for details of previous essay topics.