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The undergraduate Student-Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) is a body made up of all undergraduate students based in the History department, convened by the Student Voice Lead in conjunction with the department’s Student Voice Ambassadors. It is a space in which students can discuss any general issues or concerns about their course, as well as work with academic staff to improve the History department for all students.

The SSLC meets once per term. You can ask for items to be added to the agenda by emailing If you have urgent issues or concerns, you can bring these directly to the Student Voice Lead, to one of the Student Voice Ambassadors, or to your personal tutor.

For more information about how student feedback on the course is acted upon, see the Student Voice webpages

Student Voice Ambassadors

Undergraduate Student Voice Ambassadors are appointed at the start of each academic year to represent the SSLC on departmental committees. They work closely with academic staff in the department as well as with the Students’ Union Academic Representation team. Students can contact the Ambassadors with feedback, issues or concerns that they wish to bring to the department’s attention.