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Pathway and Module Nominations

Your First Year History Module(s) - how to register and create your timetable.

The results of the undergraduate first year optional History module applications are HERE. Please access this spreadsheet to find your name and see which module(s) you have been allocated to.

You then need to register for your modules via the eVision system - details on registering for your modules via this system can be found HERE.

This system will then update overnight and the following day, you can then enter a system called Tabula to select your seminars and create your timetable. Instructions on how to sign up for seminars can be found HERE. Single Honours History Students who have core modules have already been timetabled.

Pathway (single-honours History students only)

Single-honours History students have a choice of pathway, sometimes referred to as stream, between 'Modern History', which allows the maximum choice of options, or 'Renaissance and Modern History' which, while still allowing students optionality in their second and third years, places greater emphasis on the early modern period, including one term spent in Venice studying the Italian Renaissance during their final year of study. For the first year of study, the syllabi of the two streams are as follows:

Students must choose between these two pathways at the start of their course, by submitting the 'Pathway Choice and Module Nomination Form'. A full syllabus for all three years of the single-honours History course is also available online.

Module Nomination and Allocation

Joint-degree students and single-honours History 'Renaissance and Modern History' pathway students do not select History option modules until preparing for their second year. Single-honours History 'Modern History' pathway students, non-History first-year students seeking a History outside option, and Erasmus and Exchange students all require first-year History option modules, and to secure places on these modules the students must submit their module nominations.

Students are required to submit reserve choices for each option module they are seeking a place on. While every effort is made to allocate students their preferred choice(s), there are inevitably some modules that will be oversubscribed. In such circumstances the available places are randomly allocated amongst those students who nominated the module as their preferred choice, and the students who are unsuccessful in gaining a place will be allocated one of their reserve choices. As there is every likelihood that students may not be allocated their preferred choice(s), students are strongly recommended to take every consideration in selecting all of their option module nominations.

All students who submit by the deadline will have an equal chance to be allocated a place on their preferred option choice(s). Students who fail to submit their module nominations by the deadline will be allocated module places by the Departmental Administrator after module places have been allocated to those students who did submit their module nominations by the deadline.

Students are generally unable to change their option modules, but requests can be made to the Departmental Administrator if there are special circumstances to be taken into consideration. Such module transfer requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

eVision Module Registration (eMR)

The University has a centralised system for all students to register their modules and methods of assessment known as 'eVision Module Registration', often referred to as 'eVision' or 'eMR' (this system replaced its predecessor 'Online Module Registration', or 'OMR', in 2009/10). Students should only register History modules on the eMR system once the module places have been allocated by the History Department. Registering for a module on eMR for which a place has not been allocated by the Department does not entitle a student to a place and will result in unnecessary administration work for both the Department and the student.

Online Module Nomination Forms

Please select a form based on your course/programme of study: