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Pathway Choice and Module Nominations for Single-Honours History Students

While every effort is made to allocate students their preferred choice(s), there are inevitably some modules that will be oversubscribed. In such circumstances the available places are randomly allocated amongst those students who nominated the module as their preferred choice, and the students who are unsuccessful in gaining a place will be allocated one of their less-preferred choices. As there is every likelihood that students may not be allocated their preferred choice(s), students are strongly recommended to take every consideration in selecting all of their option module nominations.

Due to the intensive administrative demands of allocating modules to students, it is not possible to cater for students that wish to change their module nominations after they have been submitted. Students should therefore ensure that they have looked at all of the choices thoroughly before they submit their nominations.


The deadline for submitting this module nomination form has now passed. If you have not submitted your module nominations and missed the deadline, please contact the History Departmental at immediately.