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MCF Lectures and Seminars Term 2 2015-16

Term 2 of MCF for 2015-16 will build on the historical and political foundations of term 1. We now know:
  • Why this is the Fifth French Republic
  • The inspirations of the right and the left in France
  • Why the Vichy period and Algerian War have been so controversial
In this term we will examine:
  • The role of the state in shaping French media
  • The role of the state in determining French cultural policy
  • The role of the state in shaping the French education system
  • Why the French university system is so different from its British counterpart
  • Why immigration and integration remain such hotly-contested issues
N.B. Reading for each seminar is indicated on the relevant webpage. Please make sure you have read the article provided before coming to the seminar as there is no source book this term

    Weekly guide

    For a weekly guide to the ground we will be covering (reading, lecture handouts, seminar guidelines), please follow the links below to the individual webpages. Following each lecture, the powerpoint slides and a podcast will be uploaded.

    Week 1. State control of the French media I: Vichy and the media

    Week 2. State control of the French media II: Television from de Gaulle to Hollande

    Week 3. The French newspaper industry

    Week 4. The state and French cultural policy: an introduction

    Week 5. The French education system I: pre-university education in France

    Week 6. Reading week

    Week 7. The French education system II: The French university system

    Week 8. Black, blanc, beur? Introduction to immigration and integration in France

    Week 9. Integration on trial: the 'problems' of the banlieues

    Week 10. Laïicité in practice? The headscarf debate(s)