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FR248 Summative Essay Titles

Write an essay of 2,000-2,500 words, in English, on one of the essay titles below.

1. Compare how ideas of progress and primitiveness are treated in Lévi-Strauss's Race et histoire and in Malraux's La Voie royale .

2. Show how Pancrazi's La Montagne and Tavernier's Coup de torchon contribute to France’s ‘devoir de mémoire’.

3. Discuss and contrast the portrayal of 'indigenous' characters in Tavernier's Coup de torchon and Duvivier's Pépé-le-Moko.

4. Show how the concept of Orientalism can contribute to the analysis of Daoud's Meursault, contre-enquête and Duvivier's Pépé-le-Moko.

5. 'Daoud's Meursault, contre-enquête and Lévi-Strauss's Race et Histoire are both dealing with decolonisation'. Discuss.

6. Examine the role of conflict and violence in relation to two 'texts' studied on this module.

7. Examine the role of guilt and innocence in relation to two 'texts' studied on this module.

8. Compare Daoud's Meursault, contre-enquête and Pancrazi's La Montagne and show how the two texts account for imperialism.

essay 2 

You should note that in the examination for this module, you will not be permitted to answer a question relating to material on which you have submitted an assessed essay.