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FR248 Formative Essay Titles

One Coursework (Formative) Essay (c. 1,500 words in length) is optional for this module, and should be handed in by Tuesday of week 9.

1. Discuss the treatment of the colonial past with reference to EITHER Pancrazi's La Montagne OR Tavernier’s Coup de torchon OR Daoud's Meursault, contre-enquête.

2. Examine the concepts of race and gender identity with reference to Malraux's La Voie royale OR Duvivier’s Pépé-le-Moko.

3. Examine Lévi-Strauss’s Race et histoire in relation to anti-colonialism.

4. ‘Le paramètre destiné à légitimer l’action française aux colonies, et qui participe d’une construction méprisante de l’Autre dans la mentalité coloniale, est l’animalité’ (Pascal Blanchard & Sandrine Lemaire). Discuss with reference to ONE of the texts or films studied for this module.

5. Examine the significance of indigenous characters in EITHER Malraux's La Voie royale or Daoud's Meursault, contre-enquête.

6. Discuss and analyse the significance of intertextuality with reference to ONE or TWO of the texts or films studied for this module.