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FR253 Formative Essay Titles


In addition to the summative assignment that you may be REQUIRED to submit for this module, you have the OPTION to write a formative assignment from the list of questions given below. Please note that formative assignments are for training purposes only and do not count as part of your final degree classification.

We strongly recommend that you submit a formative assignment as it will enable you to hone the skills developed in this module and to prepare for your summative assessment(s).

Deadline for formative assignments:

All formative assignments must be submitted to your module tutor by the beginning of week 8 in terms 1 and/or term 2. Tutors will return your marked assignment by the end of term.

You may, If you wish, discuss the same text/thinker in a summative assignment as you have discussed in a piece of formative assignment, but you must not reproduce in part or whole any of your formative assignment in your summative assignment.

Please choose from one of the topics below and write an essay of 1500-2000 words.

1. How have French science-fiction texts given expression to fears about technology?

2. Examine the forms and functions of Dystopia in any ONE OR MORE French science-fiction texts.

3. How have French science-fiction texts sought to explore what it means to be human?

4. How is the relationship between France and the USA represented in any ONE OR MORE science-fiction texts you have studied?

5. What is the relationship between words and images in any ONE OR MORE science-fiction texts you have studied?