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Modern French Language III

Module Code: FR301
Module Name: Modern French Language III
Module Coordinator: Margaux Whiskin
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

This module seeks

  • to consolidate and develop your ability to write and speak to a theme confidently and at a level of some intellectual sophistication in correct French,
  • to consolidate and develop your awareness of the conventions governing different forms of written French and English,
  • to consolidate and develop your ability to translate from French to English,
  • to develop a detailed knowledge of French grammatical structures.

Assessment Method:

The module is assessed by three examinations, 2 written and 1 oral.

  1. FR3011 French Writing examination (2 hours + 15mn reading time; 37%) - an essay or an opinion piece of about 800 words.
  2. FR3012 Translation examination (2 hours + 15mn reading time ; 38%) -You will be required to translate one text into English and one text into French.

3. FR3014 Oral examination (20 minutes; 25%)

There are two sequences. In the first sequence, you will be required to present an exposé on a francophone-related topic of your choice, subject to prior approval by the Chair of the Oral Panel, which is then the subject of further discussion with the examiners. In the second sequence, you will have a discussion with the examiners on one of the topics that you will have studied during the year.