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Richard Verstegan's Théâtre des cruautez

Primary text(s):

The text of the second French edition, the Theatre des cruautez des hereticques de nostre temps (Antwerp, 1588), is available on Gallica and on Google Books (copy from the University of Ghent).

You may also download high-resolution PDFs of the copies of the Latin and French editions held by The Johns Hopkins University (courteously provided by Prof. Earle Havens, Curator of Rare Books, Sheridan Libraries, JHU):

Note that these PDFs are very heavy files!

Modern edition and partial translations:
  •  Le Théâtre des Cruautés de Richard Verstegan (1587), ed. by Frank Lestringant (Paris: Chandeigne, 1995).

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Further reading:
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  • Michael Meere, 'Theatres of Torture: Martyrs, Pagans, and the Politics of Conversion in Early Seventeenth-Century France', Early Modern French Studies (previously Seventeenth-century French Studies), 37.1 (2015), 14-28. Available on-line via Warwick University Library.
  • Romana Zacchi, 'Words and Images: Verstegan's "Theatres of Cruelties"', in Zacchi, Romana and Massimilano Morini (eds), Richard Rowlands Verstegan: A Versatile Man in a Age of Turmoil (Turnhout: Brepols, 2012), pp. 53-75. [ON ORDER FOR THE LIBRARY]