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FR423 Formative Essay Titles

These are formative essay titles. You will receive feedback on your essay but the mark will not be counted toward your end-of-year assessment or degree classification. Please note, you may not submit an essay on one of these titles for the summative end-of-year assessment. If you do so, you risk attracting a penalty of 10 marks.


Please write 1500-2000 words on ONE of the topics below and submit your essay no later than Thursday 4 December (week 10).


1. Analyse Gérard Depardieu’s relationship to language in any ONE OR MORE of the films you have studied on the module.



2. Analyse Jean Gabin’s place in the mise-en-scène of any ONE OR MORE of the films you have studied.



3. To what extent, and in what ways, can any ONE OR MORE Catherine Deneuve's film roles be interpreted as a critique of gender norms?



4. Examine Daniel Auteuil’s relation to his co-stars in any ONE OR MORE of the films studied on the module.



5. Discuss the role of violence in any ONE OR MORE films starring Isabelle Huppert.