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FR425 Coursework Essay Titles

One Coursework (Formative) Essay (c. 1,500 words in length) is required for this module, and should be handed in by Friday week 10, 3 pm (6 December). If you would like your essay returned before the end of term, you should hand it in by Thursday week 9 (28 Nov), 4 pm.

Students should choose ONE from the following list of questions:


1. How helpful, in your view, is the notion of 'meritocracy' in determining the extent to which the secondary education process in France has become fairer since the 1950s?

2. In what ways can historical and international comparison enable us to discern better the strengths and weaknesses of secondary education in contemporary France?

3. To what extent, in your view, has there been a democratization of French higher education since the 1960s?

4. Assess the extent to which French higher education establishments have become more autonomous institutions since the 1960s.