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GGE108: The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text


All the films taught are screened on Wednesdays at 2.00pm for the whole year group. The films will also be available for viewing in the Transnational Resource Centre. Some of the films are also available in Short Loan (floor 1) in the Library, from where they can be taken out on a one-day loan (but with draconian fines for late return!).

A superb resource for background research and essay writing is the Bibliographies tool on the Warwick German Studies Web. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'Now search the bibliographies'! In addition to the texts available through this tool, a whole range of printed essays have been digitally scanned and are available at:

The Transnational Resource Centre is a permanently staffed student resource centre with multimedia workstations, state-of-the-art IT facilities and satellite TV. It also stocks nearly all of the DVDs and videos studied on the course, so that you can view and re-view them individually or in groups. You can access more details on the TRC and consult its database at:

A small number of films are unavailable from the TRC but will be available on video or DVD and can be booked out from the Department office (H204). These must not be taken out of the Department but should be watched in Room H208. Some of the films are also available in Short Loan in the Library (floor 1), from where they can be taken out on a one-day loan (but with draconian fines for late return!).

All the literary texts are available in the University bookshop.

Another key resource is the World Wide Web to which one of the workshops will be devoted – but see also the links pages of the German Department homepage:

Study skills

Many students taking this module have either not studied literature/film intensively or feel concerned that their exposure to them was insufficient. Don’t worry if you feel this applies to you – over the years many students have started the module feeling the same way, but quickly aacquire or reinforce the necessary skills.

The answer to this is: Keep calm and go to the workshops! Throughout the year but especially in the first term we give you a thorough induction into the study skills you need in the workshops which take place most Wednesdays directly after the main lecture – see the programme for details.

There are two other excellent sources of advice and training which you can access at your own pace and in your own time:

  • Student Careers and Skills ( offer a wide range of study skills opportunities delivered in a variety of different ways.
  • The Faculty of Arts provides a series of podcasts and links specifically on writing for academic purposes at Please note that you need to be registered with IT Services before you can access this page – that happens as part of your induction.