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IT301 Text analysis activities


Before proceeding to Text analysis 1, read this brief explanation of how to use it.


What Is A Text Analysis?

A text analysis is an exercise in which you examine a sample text. A series of activities guide you in how the text is analysed. The text is always displayed on the left hand side of the page. The activities are displayed, one at a time, on the right hand side of the page. You should proceed through the activities one at a time. The text may also contain phrases that are linked to definitions and resources that help you with your understanding.


Elements Of A Text Analysis Page

This screen image demonstrates the various elements.

Note the text panel on the left hand side. It may contain definition and resource links underlined in red. To view the definition simply leave your mouse pointer over the underlined word. Also note that it has a scroll bar, allowing you to scroll the full length of the text.

On the right hand side is the activity panel. Note the tabs that link to each of the activities. Clicking on a tab opens the activity.

Screenshot of a text analysis


Security settings on your computer may interfere with the page. Click OK on the box that appears (maybe several times), and if a blank screen appears, press F5 (refresh) to reload the page.

Now do Text analysis 1.