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Step 6: sense check

The prompts for critical thinking that accompany each of the steps above have hopefully encouraged you reflect on the rational for your choices in assessment design and on the quality of the assessment procedures on your modules. The next set of questions are intended as a final prompt to think, reflectively about your approaches and how they could be improved.

  1. Does assessment align with and promote all of the intended learning outcomes?
  2. Is assessment fit for purpose (valid) – i.e. does it measure what it sets out to measure?
  3. Is there an appropriate balance between formative and summative assessment?
  4. Is assessment manageable – for students and for staff?
  5. Do your assessment tasks offer an appropriate level of challenge?
  6. Do the assessment and feedback strategies work to keep students motivated, on task, and on track?
  7. Is assessment inclusive?
  8. Is assessment on this module aligned with assessment across the programme?
  9. How will you ensure that students understand the processes, expectations and standards by which there performance against intended learning outcomes will be evaluated?
  10. How will you know how well your assessment strategy is working?

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