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CoDe - Curriculum Co-Design and Development

CoDe - support for curriculum co-development

Icon of hexagons forming a circle representing co-creation.

Why co-development?

Effective design

Effective and successful programme design should consider students at each stage of the design process and in relation to each aspect of curriculum development: design, teaching, learning, assessment, review, and evaluation. Students are experts in being students, and we strongly advocate engaging students as partners in curriculum development, not only as part of a formal curriculum development process but across the lifespan of the curriculum.

Student agency

We believe that no student should experience the curriculum as something that is done to them. A co-created curriculum comes from a place of mutual respect and partnership, engaging students as producers rather than consumers of knowledge, as full members of disciplinary communities. For these reasons, our approach to curriculum development embeds the principles and practices of co-creation.


ADC and LDCU will work collaboratively with you and your student partners to share our expertise and experience, and to create opportunities for us to learn from each other. All our materials, resources, and workshops will be developed iteratively to respond to the needs of the community. If there is anything that you would like to see please contact us via email at

Design workshops for course leaders

For: Course leads/student partners/core team

Format: 2 x 3-hour workshops with preliminary online activities + access to post-workshop resources.

LDCU is supporting colleagues and students leading programme design/development work through Facilitated Co-Design workshops. Workshops will give course conveners an opportunity to work alongside their student partners (course reps) and key colleagues (e.g. DSEP, Director of Studies, core module lead) to explore and refine how they will lead the process of curriculum design/development.

The workshops will cover all aspects of Curriculum Development and are aligned to the Dimensions of the Warwick Curriculum.


For: Course teams

Working in partnership with course teams ADC can provide advice and facilitation to support you through the whole development process. From an initial scoping conversation, we will tailor a package of support centred on three bespoke workshops:

  • aims and vision
  • alignment and assessment
  • review and evaluation

Due to the intensive and embedded nature of Partnered support availability is limited.

If you are interested in working in partnership with ADC please contact us via

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Curriculum Development Essentials

This self-guided Moodle course introduces the core principles of curriculum development. It offers approaches to design to ensure that courses are coherent, inclusive and fit-for-purpose.

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Assessment Design

To support implementation of Warwick's Principles of Assessment ADC outline the principles of good assessment design, key questions to consider when designing assessment, and resources to help you diversify assessment.

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PGA Curriculum Development in HE

PGA CDHE is a blended 30-credit level 7 course open to Warwick teaching staff with curriculum design remit.

The course consists of one core module and its main aim is to offer staff opportunities to support student success through development of expertise in fit-for-purpose theory and evidence-informed curriculum design.

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Cultivate workshops

A programme of workshops will focus on key aspects of curriculum design, including writing effective learning outcomes, designing assessment strategy, etc.