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Professional Standards Framework (PSF)

Professional Standards Framework


What is the PSF?

The PSF is a set of sector-owned professional standards describing what we do, what we know and what we value in our learning and teaching work.

It is used globally as a framework to support and recognise staff development and benchmark success in teaching and learning in higher education, and to enhance the quality of higher education teaching and learning.

ADC and the PSF

The PSF informs the content of ADC's courses, as well as our pedagogical approach.

The Academic and Professional Pathways (APPs) are accredited to award Fellowship:

As such, achieving HEA Fellowship is contingent on demonstrating engagement with the framework.

Read more about Fellowship via the AdvanceHE website.Link opens in a new window

PSF 2023

In January 2023 AdvanceHE launched PSF 2023, an updated framework that better reflects the current contexts and imperatives of HE.

All institutions with accredited programmes were given time to make the transition from UKPSF 2011 to PSF 2023.

All current ADC programmes (APP PGR, APP TE and APP EXP) will award Fellowship under the UKPSF 2011.

From September 2024 all ADC accredited programmes will award Fellowship through PSF 2023.

These changes will not impact people currently studying on taught programmes (APPPGR, APPTE).

Those currently registered on APPEXP are able to submit following existing UKPSF 2011 guidance until 31 August 2024.

From 1 September 2024 APPEXP submissions will be evaluated against the PSF 2023 requirements.