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PGR Teacher Survey

Help us inform and improve the PGR teaching experience at Warwick!

Are you a current PGR at Warwick? Do you currently teach, or does the prospect of teaching interest you? If so, please fill out our survey! Your answers will be completely anonymous and will help us gain valuable insights into the experiences of PGR teaching at Warwick - we hope to use this information to better understand and address the opportunities and challenges faced by PGR teachers, and to enhance cross-departmental understanding of PGR teaching. The survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Survey Background

The newly created Warwick Postgraduate Teaching Community is conducting a survey on PGR teachers’ experiences at Warwick University. As PGR teachers ourselves (and/or those involved with PGR teaching at the managerial level), we are hoping to learn more about the landscape of PGR teaching experiences across the university - including PGR attitudes towards teaching, access to opportunities and professional development, and issues relating to equality, diversity, and inclusion.

To engage in the survey, you will be asked to read the Participant Information Leaflet (PIL) and consent to your data being used - all survey submissions are anonymous. The results of the survey will be shared through the Warwick PGR Teacher Community and relevant University parties (e.g. the Doctoral College) with a view to identifying opportunities and challenges in PGR teaching.

Get Involved!

Click here to access the survey!

Participant Information Leaflet (PIL)
Please read before completing the survey and retain a copy for your records.

Reference copy of the Consent Form
Please read before completing the survey and retain a copy for your records. The same form appears at the start of the survey for you to actively give your consent to participate.

Questions and queries can be addressed to:

Kate Lewis, Sahar Shah, and Joy Oti are leading the survey, although all of the WarwickPTC team has access to the data - visit our Meet the Team page to find out more about them!