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The Mind/Hormone Interface in Community Gynaecology


Dr Anthony Parsons

Duration: 4 days


CATS: 20


Explores the interplay between endocrine and psychological/emotional problems
  • Designed for any person employed in the health care sector, particularly specialist registrars and career-grade trainees, community doctors, general practitioners and nurse specialists
  • It is expected that you will have either a degree, or other recognised qualification, as well as having at least three years professional experience
  • Consists of seminars and tutorials held in the Medical School of The University of Warwick
  • There will be opportunities for you to draw on experiences in your own work places
  • You will be expected to read and explore relevant published literature in your own time

More Aims and Learning outcomes

Next Course
This module will not be running during the academic year 2012/13
  • Mon 18 Jun '18
    18/06 - 22/06: Research Methods in Clinical Education
    Wed 27 Jun '18
    Critical Care: Special Incident Management (Day 4)
    September 2017 Onsite Project Submission deadline
    Wed 04 Jul '18
    Critical Care: Special Incident Management (Day 5)
    Mon 09 Jul '18
    09/07 - 13/07: Assessment in Clinical Education - Cohort A02

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