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Bubbling Up - wellbeing blog

What is Bubbling Up?

Bubbling Up is a student and staff driven initiative to build a community where we take a shared responsibility for our wellbeing in the department. We will use the latest Student Minds Charter and community feedback to guide us in developing best practices and support structures, where student and staff wellbeing comes first.

Our Focus

Share wellbeing stories and experiences, and by doing so, address wellbeing challenges arising from studying and working in the Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick. We envision this resource to become a collection of voices, although primarily focused on short blogs curated by student editors, expressed in a range of formats. We welcome ideas, feedback and submissions from anyone and will not impose any restrictions other than around privacy and safeguarding of our community.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a positive study and workplace wellbeing environment and a space for wellbeing conversations and contemplation.

We strive to build a community where wellbeing is a shared value and responsibility.

We treat everyone and every voice with respect and the right to remain anonymous.

Next issue

The next issue will focus on co-creation. It will include stories and submissions from both staff and students.

Issue 1: Impostor Syndrome - January 2020Link opens in a new window

Issue 2: Covid-19 - April 2020Link opens in a new window

Issue 3: Embracing Change & Uncertainty - May 2020Link opens in a new window

Issue 4: Social Media - November 2020Link opens in a new window

Issue 5: The Future of the STEM Community - February 2021Link opens in a new window

Issue 6: Revision & Exams - June 2021Link opens in a new window

Issue 7: Change - December 2021Link opens in a new window

Issue 8: Sustainability - February 2022Link opens in a new window

Call for submission

Our next topic is around co-creation and will be released in term 3 of the 2021/22 academic year. More topics will be announced soon. Please do not hesitate to propose a future topic using our Bubbling Up Submission Form and keep your eyes peeled for the next issue submission deadline.

Support & Resources

Please explore links below to find out more about support and help available. You are welcome to share these with your friends and colleagues. This is a community resource, so please do not hesitate to share other resources and tips using Bubbling Up Feedback Form.

Warwick Wellbeing Support Services

Wellbeing and Diversity @ Warwick Chemistry

Student Wellbeing Information

Staff Wellbeing Information

Self help resources - searchable by topic of interest or wellbeing concern

togetheralll - anonymous online mental health community. Free to all Warwick students and staff.

Student Minds Find Support - support and resources available through student mental health charity Student Minds

Look after your mate - Student Minds initiative and guidance for looking after your friends at uni

Our Warwick - student blogs with student support and wellbeing tag

#TheMonsterAndMe comic - developed by a Warwick alumna

Understanding Wellbeing Theory and Practice (IL028) - IATL undergraduate module

Submission Form

Please use our Bubbling Up Submission Form to submit your blog article or a topic suggestion. The form is anonymous and will not collect any personal details, unless you choose to make a named submission and add your details to the form.

Every submission will have the 'right to be forgotten' and will be removed immediately without any follow up questions. If for any reason you would like your past or present submission to be removed from Bubbling Up, please email Bo Kelestyn on