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Discipline Streams

The research structure of the School is made up of four discipline streams, with three or four groups within each stream. Staff are a member of a primary research group, but the collaborative and multi-disciplinary nature of the School enable cross-group or -stream working.

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Warwick Civil Engineering Our Civil and Environmental researchers work on a broad range of issues underpinning civil engineering. Combining modelling with practical experimentation, they tackle issues such as: sustainable housing; dynamic loading of structures; earthquake destabilisation of land; and pollution of waterways.
Ground Engineering
Structural Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Power, sustainability and improved communications are at the heart of our Electrical and Electronic stream. Key areas of research include: artificial olfaction (or 'electronic nose'); electrical energy conversion; grid-scale energy storage; nanoscale communications; and quantum devices.
Connected Systems
Electrical Power
Sensors and Devices

Mechanical and Process Engineering

Mechanical and Process Engineering The largest and most diverse stream, Mechanical and Process Engineering includes: fluid mechanics; fire and explosion hazards; chemical engineering; precision and surfaces; 3D printing; and thermal energy technology.
Fluid Dynamics and Multiscale Modelling Measurement and Machines
Reaction and Materials Engineering Sustainable Thermal Energy Technologies


Systems and Information Engineering

Systems and Information Engineering

Systems and Information brings together expertise in: nonlinear and stochastic systems; modelling of human activity; neural engineering; telemedicine; imaging; and synthetic biology. Much of the research undertaken is around health and security and the nature of the work means that many labs are cross-group.

Biomedical and Biological Systems
Information Engineering
Systems Modelling and Control