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10:00 Registration and coffee

10:30 Welcome and Introduction – Anthony Hall

11:00 ‘The past, present, and future of next generation sequencing: the good, the bad and the ugly.’ Neil Hall (University of Liverpool)

Session 1 Next Generation Sequencing

11:45 ‘1001 Arabidopsis genomes and GWAS.’ Arthur Korte (Gregor Mendel Institute) 12:15 ‘Mutant hunting.’ Anthony Hall (University of Liverpool)

12:45 ‘Mapping complex traits in Arabidopsis thaliana.’ Paula Kover (University of Bath)

13:15 Lunch

Session 2 De –novo and comparative genomics

14:00 ‘Using multiple Brassicaceae genomes as a basis for comparative ‘omics.’ Eva-Marie Willing (Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research)

14:30 ‘Complementary NGS approaches towards cereal crop genomes.’ Klaus Meyer (MIPS)

15:00 Refreshment Break

Session 3 Novel uses of generation sequencing

15:30 ‘An NGS approach to mapping chromatin structure in the Arabidopsis nuclear and plastid genomes’ Nick Kent (University of Cardiff)

16:00 ‘Alternative splicing by RNA-seq.’ John Brown (University of Dundee)

16:30 ‘Single molecule direct RNA sequencing’ Gordon Simpson (University of Dundee)

17:00 ‘Genome-wide analysis of cytosine methylation in plant DNA’ David Baulcombe and Tom Hardcastle (University of Cambridge)

Finish 17:30.