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The Evolutionary History of Wild, Domesticated, and Feral Brassica oleracea (Brassicaceae)

Mol, Biol & Evol jun21Makenzie E Mabry, Sarah D Turner-Hissong, Evan Y Gallagher, Alex C McAlvay, Hong An, Patrick P Edger, Jonathan D Moore, David AC Pink, Graham R Teakle, Chris J Stevens, Guy Barker, Joanne Labate, Dorian Q Fuller, Robin G Allaby, Timothy Beissinger, Jared E Decker, Michael A Gore, & J Chris Pires  

Understanding the evolutionary history of crops, including identifying wild relatives, helps to provide insight for conservation and crop breeding efforts. Using newly generated RNA-seq data for a diversity panel of 224 accessions, which represents 14 different B. oleracea crop types and nine potential wild progenitor species, we integrate phylogenetic and population genetic techniques with ecological niche modeling, archaeological, and literary evidence to examine relationships among cultivars and wild relatives to clarify the origin of this horticulturally important species. Our analyses point to the Aegean endemic B. cretica as the closest living relative of cultivated B. oleracea, supporting an origin of cultivation in the Eastern Mediterranean region

Molecular Biology & Evolution. June 2021

Wed 14 Jul 2021, 09:49 | Tags: Plant and Crop Science