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New academic appointments in the School of Life Sciences

The School of Life Sciences invites applications for four new academic positions to strengthen key research areas in the School. This is part of our strategic growth on the Gibbet Hill Biology campus, supported by investment in a new Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building that will bring together researchers from Life Sciences and Warwick Medical School to understand the origins and mechanistic basis of diseases.

Research in the School is highly interdisciplinary and spans four themes: Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Environmental Bioscience and Plant & Crop Science. Work is enabled by excellent research technology platforms and strengthened with strong links across the Science faculty at Warwick.

For particulars and further information see job specifications:

Associate Professor or Professor of Neuroscience (Ref: 100008-048)

Associate Professor or Professor of Ecology and/or Environmental Bioscience (Ref:100010-048)

Associate Professor or Professor of Infection Microbiology (Ref:100009-48)

Assistant Professor or Professor in Computational Biology (Ref:100012-048)