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Rotifers - The Beast from 20,000 microns

This is my third week in lockdown. I miss my friends, I miss my colleagues but most of all I miss my microscopes. My thumbs are sore from twiddling, I need something to do!

I do have my own microscope, it's old and the lenses are a bit scratched (which is my way of telling you the pictures will be a bit iffy ) but it should work. I just need something amazing to look at.

At this point it's traditional to go pond dipping but I'm not allowed out, and besides, it's raining.

But, I do have this; the pet fern. It needs needs constant humidity so that little tray never dries out. Little bits of root and leaf fall off from time to time and land in the water and it gets plenty of light. In essence, it's a teeny tiny pond.

A fern on a windowsill

But there couldn’t be anything in there could there?

It’s way too small..

Isn't it?

First I'd better get on with Setting up the microscope