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Professor R John Ellis FRS



Emeritus Professor


Life Sciences
University of Warwick
WebLink: How Science Works: Evolution

Research Interests

International Gairdner Award Winner 2004 for 'Fundamental studies of chaperone-assisted protein folding and its relevance to neurodegeneration'.

Annual Medal Winner of the Cell Stress Society International 2007 for pioneering research on molecular chaperones.

Awarded the Croonian Lecture Prize of the Royal Society for 2011 for 'pioneering contributions to biochemistry, molecular biology, and plant sciences'. This lecture was given on May 31st 2011 at the Royal Society in London and can be viewed online here

A personal historical account of the discovery of molecular chaperones appeared in Photosynthesis Research 80: 333-343, 2004.

An essay entitled "How Science Works:Evolution"

A book entitled How Science Works: Evolution was published in January 2010 by Springer (ISBN 978-90-481-3182-2).

Research Projects

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