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Dr Beatriz Lagunas

Job Title
Research Fellow
Life Sciences
024 765 74048
Research Interests

My research interests are on the area of plant sciences and focused in sustainable agriculture. I want to help developing strategies that can contribute to minimise human impact on planetary boundaries, such as decreasing agricultural derived CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.

My latest job as a Senior Research Technician working in plant nodulation allowed me to discover the possibility of using beneficial microbes to provide nutrients to plants and decrease human fertiliser usage, which production is responsible for almost 50% of agricultural CO2 emissions. Now, as a postdoctoral research fellow, I hope to continue this work by understanding the molecular strategies that different beneficial microbes trigger in plants to provide them with nutrients and improve plant production through symbioses.


DPhil, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, EEAD-CSIC and University of Zaragoza, 2014.

MSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Zaragoza, 2008.

BSc Biochemistry [5yr; 3yr chemistry+ 2yr Biochemistry], University of Zaragoza, 2007.

Member, Society for Experimental Biology, Early Career Scientist

Member, SEB

Member, RSB

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