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Dr Graham Teakle



Assistant Professor


Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Tel: (024) 765 74992
WebLink: Warwick Crop Centre

Research Interests

  • My research interests focus on the genetic analysis of crop traits. Since joining Warwick the majority of my work has been on vegetable Brassicas and oilseed rape, but I also work on lettuce, onion and parsnip. A key underpinning component of my work is the development and curation of genetic resources, particularly diversity sets (DFFSs) and segregating mapping populations, which are distributed to users around the world. These resources are charactersised using a combination of genetic markers (e.g. KASP and Infinium) and next generation sequencing and for a range of traits.
  • I have worked on the UK Defra Oilseed Rape Genetic Improvement Network (OREGIN) since it started in 2003 and have been PI of the Warwick component since 2010. Development/curation of oilseed rape genetic resources. Traits include nitrogen use efficiency.
  • I have worked on the Defra Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN) and the preceding Crop Improvement of Field Vegetables project. Development/curation of B. oleracea, wild C genome Brassica and lettuce genetic resources. Traits include nitrogen use efficiency, insect pest-crop interactions.
  • I am a Co-I of the BBSRC CIRC project 'Exploiting sources of resistance to Turnip yellows virus for deployment in oilseed rape' led by John Walsh.
  • I am a Co-I of the BBSRC CIRC project 'Genetic Manipulation of rhizodeposition in oilseed rape to improve yield' led by Gary Bending.
  • I am a Co-I of the BBSRC HAPI project 'Exploiting next generation sequencing technologies to understand pathogenicity and resistance in Fusarium oxysporum' led by John Clarkson.
  • I am Co-I of the BBSRC SARISA project 'Roots of Decline? Assembly and function of the rhizosphere microbiome in relation to yield decline' led by Gary Bending.
  • Additional current research activities encompass pathology and mineral use efficiency.
  • Other recent research projects include the 'Breeding oilseed rape with a reduced requirement for nitrogen fertiliser' (Defra LINK), 'Developing tools for growers and breeders to enable the predictable manipulation of flowering' (the genetic control of juvenility) (Defra), 'Adding Value to the UK Brassica crop science community (AdVaB)' (BBSRC) and the regulation of cauliflower and broccoli developmental arrest (CASE studentship).

Other activities include:


I graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in biochemistry. This was followed by a PhD and postdoc working on chlorophyll biosysnthesis also at Bristol. A subsequent position at the University of Virginia on plant circadian regulation was followed by another at the University of Leeds characterising plant GATA transcription factors. I joined Horticulture Research International in 1998 and in 2010 I became one of the founding members of the Warwick Crop Centre.

Research Projects

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Exploiting next generation sequencing to investigate the genetics of parsnip root disease resistance and develop a marker assisted breeding strategy
  • Nitrogen utilisation and remobilisation in Oilsed Rape
  • The genetic diversity of Turnip yellows virus in oilseed, and designed resistance
  • The role of plants and microorganisms in the mobilisation of organic phosphate
  • Improving the energy efficiency of biodiesel : Reducing energy input and improving sustainability
  • MADS Box genes and the genetics of cauliflower curd development; functional implications of triplication in the B. oleracea genome Date of Completion:2002
  • Translating genetics of oomycete resistance from Arabidopsis thaliana into Brassica production

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