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Professor John Clarkson

Job Title
Life Sciences
44(0)24 7657 5148
Research Interests

Research Interests

All aspects of fungal plant pathogen research including:


John is a plant pathologist and research leader specialising mainly in pathogens of vegetable crops. He is involved in a range of different projects from basic/strategic to applied, funded by government, research councils and industry. Areas of interest and expertise include plant pathogen biology, epidemiology, ecology and diversity with particular focus on soilborne diseases such as Sclerotinia and Fusarium and disease management approaches such as biological control and disease forecasting. John has 30 years of pathology experience and strong links with the industry and other researchers through collaborative projects.

Title Funder Award start Award end
Exploiting pathogenomics and resistance for control of Fusarium wilt of lettuce PhD MIBTP iCASE AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Oct 2019 30 Sep 2023
Development of molecular methods to determine the risk of Fusarium disease, select effective rotation crops and monitor F. oxysporum pathogens and associated microbial communities UPDATED 63905 (milestone added as per funders request) AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2020 31 Mar 2023
VeGIN Tender re-costed budget - link with 57218 that contains the original Tender application Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Feb 2018 31 Jan 2023
h20 SMARTPROTECT: SMART agriculture for innovative vegetable crop PROTECTion: harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies European Commission 01 Jan 2020 31 Dec 2022
Understanding F. oxysporum diseases to reduce crop losses of UK parsley and coriander BBSRC 20 Jun 2022 19 Dec 2022
RootCause - Understanding the causal agent of tip rot and management of cavity spot to reduce carrot loss and waste within the supply chain Research Council of Norway 01 Feb 2019 31 Oct 2022
Identification and quantification of complex plant pathogens within heterogenous samples harnessing single molecule sequencing BBSRC 01 Sep 2021 31 Aug 2022
Onions: Integrated control of Allium White rot AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Mar 2018 28 Feb 2022
Application and management of biopesticides for efficacy and reliability (AMBER) AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Jan 2016 31 Jan 2022
Screening lettuce mapping populations for resistance to Sclerotinia disease (BBSRC IAA via Univ of York) 2021 BBSRC 01 Mar 2020 30 Sep 2021
iCASE studentship - Understanding and mitigating against the causes of yield decline in pea Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO) 25 Sep 2017 24 Sep 2021
Sceptre plus AHDB (Formerly HDC) 03 Apr 2017 02 Apr 2021
Dr. John Clarkson becomes affiliated researcher at NIBIO for a period from 1st July 2021 ? 31st December 2021 to be engaged in collaborative research at NIBIO. Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) 01 Jul 2021 31 Mar 2021
Field Macrocosm Development - Under AHDB Sceptre Plus project (Ideate 54235) AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 May 2020 31 Mar 2021
HDC Fellowship for Andy Taylor - Maintaining and developing capability in vegetable crop pathology AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Nov 2013 28 Feb 2021
iCASE with G's under Waitrose DTP G's Growers Ltd 31 Dec 2017 02 Dec 2020
Mature Plant Test Development - Under AHDB Sceptre Plus project (Ideate 54235) AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2020 30 Sep 2020
Lettuce: biology and management of Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lactuscase race 4 AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Oct 2018 31 Mar 2020
Developing disease prediction of onion basal rot using a quantitative molecular test AHDB (Formerly HDC) 14 Oct 2019 29 Feb 2020
Pre-breeding for fungal disease resistance in lettuce (costing linked to 61699) A L Tozer 01 Mar 2019 30 Sep 2019
Narcissus: Investigation into the effects of a range of potential biocides in hot water treatments AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Jan 2016 30 Jun 2019
Biology and control of Fusarium diseases across multiple crops. Phase 1: Development of molecular tools to identify and quantify multiple Fusarium species AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2017 31 Dec 2018
Carrots: Further development of artificial inoculation techniques for cavity spot caused by Pythium violae AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Aug 2017 30 Sep 2018
A Systems Approach to Disease Resistance Against Necrotrophic Fungal Pathogens (HAPI stage 2) BBSRC 01 Jun 2015 30 Sep 2018
Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN) extension 2017 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2017 31 Mar 2018
Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN) Tender - Sep 2014 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 28 Nov 2014 31 Dec 2017
Understanding the ecology and epidemiology of Pythium violae to enable disease management AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Oct 2014 30 Sep 2017
Carrots: Development of artificial inoculation techniques for cavity spot caused by Pythium violae. AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2016 31 Jul 2017
BBSRC GCRF IAA - Sustainable oil palm cropping BBSRC 21 Oct 2016 31 Mar 2017
Exploiting next generation sequencing technologies to understand pathogenicity and resistance in Fusarium oxysporum BBSRC 01 Sep 2013 31 Mar 2017
To establish protocols to collect, identify and store pathogens which cause vegetable and herb crop diseases and us them to improve plant resistance breedign programmes. Elsoms Seeds Limited 09 Sep 2014 16 Feb 2017
Establishing an African-UK innovation hub for common bean health and protection. BBSRC GCRF IAA BBSRC 01 Sep 2016 31 Dec 2016
White rot Integrated control Treatments Evaluated (WHITE) - Phase 1 - Recosting of 50164 AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2016 30 Sep 2016
Genotyping Alien Introgression Lines of Brassica juncea..; British Council: Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Programme award - Kusum Rana British Council 01 Apr 2015 29 Feb 2016
Exploiting Next Genreation Sequencing Technologies to understand Pathology and Resistance in Fusarium.Collaboration agreement for BBSRC HAPI application 33387; linked to InfoEd 34637; RLFJL3009 Horticultural Development Council 01 Jan 2013 01 Jan 2016
Sclerotina in lettuce - biology and control in Norway Bioforsk Plant Health and Plant Protection Division 01 Jan 2013 31 Dec 2015
WCPRS Studentship: Detection of potato storage diseases using Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (FAIMS) The Potato Council under AHDB AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Oct 2012 30 Sep 2015
Control of carrot cavity spot through the use of Pre-crop green manures/biofumigation AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Sep 2014 31 Mar 2015
HDC Studentship 2011 - Pathogen diversity, epidemiology and control of Sclerotina disease in vegetable crops AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Oct 2011 31 Dec 2014
Extension to VeGIN: Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network for leafy and field vegetables CH0101 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Mar 2014 30 Sep 2014
Digital imaging for phenotyping roots crops Technology Strategy Board 01 Sep 2013 31 Aug 2014
Development of Novel Biological Seed Treatment Technologies Technology Strategy Board 01 Sep 2010 28 Feb 2014
Extension to PH0436 - Plant Health Fellowship VII - molecular phogenetic methodologies in EC listed alternarias - no cost extension to new end date of 31 December 2013 - RLFDB0501 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Dec 2012 31 Dec 2013
Project continuation proposal: Defra IF0188 - Plant pathogen populations in wild and agricultural hosts and interactions with plant genotype Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Aug 2012 30 Nov 2013
Sub-contract of HortLink project (at EMR) Optimising field-scale control of Fusarium basal rot and white rot of onion using composts, Trichoderma and biofumigant (HL1108) East Malling Research 10 May 2012 31 Aug 2013
Protected edible crops: biological control of plant diseases using insect pathogenic fungi with dual activity against plant pathogens: 2 year version AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Aug 2011 31 Jul 2013
LINK: reducing the impact of sclerotinia disease on arable rotations, land use and vegetable Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Oct 2009 31 Mar 2013
IF0188 - Plant Pathogen Populations in Wild and Agricultural Hosts and interactions with Plant Genotype Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Aug 2009 31 Jul 2012
In vitro screening of fungicides with potential to control basal rot of narcissus caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. narcissiBOF 74 AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Sep 2011 31 Mar 2012
Onions: Relationship between disease incidence in stored bulb onions and first year sets AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Apr 2011 31 Mar 2012
IF0158 Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN): Per-breeding research to support sustainable farming of carrot and onion Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2009 31 Mar 2012
FV352: Disease management in organic brassica seed and transplants AHDB (Formerly HDC) 01 Jun 2009 31 May 2011
DEFRA Core: IF0193 Developing resources to identify sources of resistance to sclerotinia disease and variability in pathogen aggressiveness Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 03 Jan 2009 31 Jul 2009
Factors affecting the inoculum potential of soilborne plant pathogens Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Apr 2005 31 Mar 2009
Hortlink: Integrated Allium while rot control using composts and trichoderma viride Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 01 Jan 2006 31 Dec 2008
Outdoor Lettuce: Forecasting and Control of Sclerontinia Horticultural Development Council 01 Oct 2006 30 Sep 2008
FV220a Hortlink Project Improved crop health and establishment using beneficial micro-organisms Horticultural Development Council 01 Sep 2003 28 Feb 2007