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Lidija Kravar-Garde

Lidija Kravar-Garde




Senior Research Technician


School of Life Sciences
University of Warwick
Gibbet Hill Campus






Tel: +44 (0) 2476 5 22431





I graduated from the University of Agriculture and Forestry, Zagreb, Croatia with a degree in plant protection. After 4 years in the horticultural industry I joined Warwick HRI (former HRI) where I worked in plant and entomological research until 2011. The main research areas were biology and ecology of various beneficial and pest insects and mites, interactions between different insect/mite species and plants and habitat manipulation to promote and enhance biological control and biodiversity in the agricultural environment.

My current work is on the Wellcome Trust funded intervention trial in Brazil looking at the effect of a synthetic pheromone on the Leishmania parasite transmission in dogs. The parasite load from the blood, swab and tissue samples is detected and quantified using PCR, qPCR and ELISA.



Gonçalves R, Soares DC, Guimarães R, Santos SW, Sousa GC, Chagas A, Garcez L. Phlebotomine sand flies ecology and Leishmania species associated to the transmission of tegumentary leishmaniasis in risk zones of the Amazonian state Pará, Brazil. Acta Tropica submitted.