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Dr Ryan Mushinski

Job Title
Assistant Professor
Life Sciences
Research Interests

In the Environmental Processes Laboratory at the University of Warwick we link environmental microbiomes to biogeochemical processes. Our research is important for understanding issues related to soil health, global change, and climate.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Uncovering novel biogeochemical mechanisms resulting in fluxes of nutrients and other elements from ecosystems.
  • Determining how global change processes influence terrestrial ecosystem function.
  • Developing robust theoretical frameworks for extrapolating ecosystem function across spatial gradients.
  • Technologies that better resolve spatial variability in ecosystem function measurements.

2020-Current: Assistant Professor, University of Warwick, Environmental Processes
2017-2020: USDA Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University, Biogeochemistry
2017: PhD, Texas A&M University, Biogeochemistry & Microbial Ecology

Research Themes:

Environmental Bioscience