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Research Clusters

Cells & Development

Environment & Ecology

Microbiology & Infectious Disease


Plant & Agricultural Biosciences

Pedagogical Research

Quantitative, Systems & Engineering Biology

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Other Roles

Technical Expertise and Interests

This is a summary of your technical expertise and interests. This should include an introduction that is accessible to a public audience and also details on your expertise, which may include more technical details.

Ideally a maximum of 300 words.

Broader interests and activities

This section can be used to give wider information about yourself, your interests and other activities wider than your technical interests. For example, research, teaching, impact, outreach, SLS/Warwick/external committees, EDI, research culture activities
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For a full list of publications, see WRAP

Links to Google Scholar etc

bullet pointed list of career history

  • BSc Biochemistry, year
  • PhD Biochemistry,
  • Fellowship
  • Post 1
  • Reader
  • post 2
  • Professor
Member of panels etc

Reviewers for Journals