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Group Members

Allaby Research Group

Professor Robin Allaby

Dr Roselyn Ware

Hsiao-Lei Liu (PhD student)

Ryan Morrison (PhD student)

Francesca Allaby (ecological forensics)

Rosie Everett (PhD student)

Becky Cribdon (PhD student)

Will Clarence-Smith (ecological forensics)


Alumni (and where they went)

Dr Jay Moore (TGAC)

Dr Sarah Palmer (University of Aberystwyth)

Dr James Kitchen (Glaxo)

Dr Rafal Gutaker (Max Planck, Tuebingen)

Dr Andrew Clarke (University of Cambridge)

Dr William Nicholson (University of Warwick, Med School)

Dr Oliver Smith (University of Copenhagen)

Dr Logan Kistler (Smithsonian)

Kirandeep Johal (Delta-Simons environmental consultancy)

Dr Hannah Macdonald (manger of tiny humans)

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