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Ecological Advice and Services

In Life Sciences we are able to provide useful public services through the direct application of our research.

Bat Genotyping Service

Bat populations in the UK have seen a severe decline over the last century.

All 18 species of UK bat are currently protected under British law by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to kill or harm bats, or to damage or destroy their roosts. In order to protect bat roost habitats an ecological survey must take place before development work can take place on any property with evidence of bats.

Professor Robin Allaby is assisting ecologists carrying out bat surveys, using a DNA-based method for bat identification from guano samples.

Bat genotyping may be used to complement traditional echolocation ultrasound detection for definitive identification of bat species. An advantage of this over standard bat detection methods is that bat identification can take place even in the absence of actual bat sightings.

While supplying a useful, low cost service, bat DNA data collected will provide valuable information on genetic diversity within different bat species across the UK. This will help drive future conservation research.

Bat genotyping fees and online payment form

For further information or to send us your bat guano samples, contact Robin Allaby at




Bat genotyping