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Public Engagement


The Frenguelli lab is keen to engage with the public on the research that we do and in sharing our science with school and college students. Below are some examples of the activities we have been involved in.

Pint of Science webinar on Drugs in Society

Elephantastic Event at Earlsdon Library


Amazing Brain Event at the Herbert Museum, CoventryLink opens in a new window

Brain Awareness in Leamington Spa Museum

Brain Awareness in Leam MuseumBrain Awareness in Leam MuseumBrain Awareness in Leam MuseumLeam 2016

Talk on cognitive enhancement to school students at Think Science Conference, Warwick

Video interview on film depictions of cognitive enhancement for IGGY

Meet Brain Boffins down the pub - public engagement event as part of Brain Awareness Week

Meetings with fundraisers for Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and life science research.

Comment on the possibility of head transplants in Newsweek

Hosting of laboratory work experience for school students

Brain Bard

Careers talk to A-level students at local secondary school

Talks to Yr 10 and Yr 12 science students at local secondary school

Talk to Yr 12 Students of Teach First Schools, University of Warwick

Organised Shakespeare on the Brain event at Warwick University

Speaker, Shakespeare meets Science event, University of Warwick

Speaker, Aim Higher Schools’ event: Science meets Shakespeare, University of Warwick

Chair, British Science Festival/British Neuroscience Association event on emotions and the brain

Organised podcast and cognitive enhancers events with Professor Gary Lynch at the University of Warwick & Dana Centre, London

Kevin Moffat speaking on our collaboration on BBC Radio 4 Material World programme