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Installing LiBiNorm

LiBiNorm is a standalone command line program that does not require additional libraries or software to be installed and is available for all main processing platforms

The 2.5 release of the LiBiNorm software are available for

It is suggested that it be placed in a directory that is listed in the system filepath. Alternatively it can be run by providing the full filepath to its location. Detailed information can be found here

Archive releases can be obtained here

* The Apple mac version has been compiled on macOS Catalina and may not run on previous macOS versions as a result

Displaying and graphing results

An R script is available that can take the files created using -u <fileroot> and produce the graphs shown here

An Excel spreadsheet is available that can take the files that are created using the -u <fileroot> option and display the results graphically. The browse button should be used to locate the <filename>_results.txt file, and this information is used to load all the associated spreadsheets. The spreadsheet should operate on both WIndows and an Apple Mac which has Microsoft Excel installed.