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Detailed installation instructions

Installing on Linux/MacOS

Simplest option

The LiBiNorm executable should be placed in the directory /usr/local/bin

    Next the permissions for the LiBiNorm executable needs to be changed so that it can be executed. To do this using the command line/prompt change directory (cd) to the directory /usr/bin where the file has been placed and execute

    >chmod a+x LiBiNorm

    It should now be possible to run LiBiNorm from the command line from any directory.

    Alternative options

    LiBiNorm may be placed in other directories, such as a subdirectory of /usr/local/bin, or a subdirectory of /home. If this is done then one option is to use the full pathname must be used when running LiBiNorm (e.g.


    if LiBiNorm had been placed in the /home/apps directory.

    The other option is to add this directory to the path variable. This ensures that LiBiNorm can be run from the command line using the command LiBiNorm in any directory.