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Raquel Goncalves


Raquel Goncalves

PhD student


University of Warwick


Research Profile

With an MSc in parasitology and previous experience working in the Brazilian Ministry of Health, my research interests are in epidemiology of Neglected Tropical Diseases, ecology of vectors and public health. My PhD project focuses on the behaviour of Triatomid vectors of Trypanosoma cruzi causing Chagas Disease, aimed to identify novel and alternative integrated control options. I am conducting fieldwork in the Bolivia dry Chaco region where transmission persists despite substantial control in the other Southern Cone countries, leading to infection prevalences in adults and the vectors of 80% and 50% respectively. My PhD is funded by the Brazilian government Science without Borders scheme.


Gonçalves R, Soares DC, Guimarães R, Santos SW, Sousa GC, Chagas A, Garcez L. Phlebotomine sand flies ecology and Leishmania species associated to the transmission of tegumentary leishmaniasis in risk zones of the Amazonian state Pará, Brazil. Acta Tropica submitted.