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Fullam lab


Tuberculosis (TB), caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), is the leading cause of death world-wide from a bacterial pathogen, with ~1.6 million deaths from TB infection and ~10 million new TB cases reported in 2021.

The broad aim of our research group is to use a multidisciplinary approach, using chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology techniques, to decipher which nutrients Mtb can access and use, the mechanisms of import and how Mtb modifies its biology and ability to cause infection when its access to nutrients is altered. We envisage that unravelling what Mtb eats will reveal new mechanisms that can be targeted in the quest for novel strategies and interventions to thwart this deadly disease and improve human health.


24th January 2023

Chelsea's work investigating the 'Supramolecular organization and dynamics of mannosylated phosphatidylinositol lipids in the mycobacterial plasma membrane' is now published in PNAS

25th November 2022

Chelsea Brown is awarded a presentation prize for her work modelling TB lipids at the Young Modellers Forum. Congratulations Chelsea!

24th November 2022

Dr Collette Guy is awarded the Buchanan memorial prize for her talk at the 2022 RSC Carbohydrate meeting on 'Killing TB from the outside by glycan targeting'. Congratulations Collette! Read our paper on tuning multimeric boronic acids to kill TB here