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Plant Senescence

Group members
group 2007

Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston
Emily Breeze
Emma Skipper
Jesper Gronlund
Peter Glen Walley
John Carder
Sanjeev Kumar
Stuart McHattie
Richard Hickman
Philip Law

The focus of the research in this programme is aimed at increasing our knowledge of leaf senescence at the molecular level. The identification and characterisation of genes involved in the complex degradative events that occur during leaf senescence and the elucidation of their mechanisms of regulation will present an insight into the complex processes that control this key developmental process.

Senescence affects many aspects of crop production including yield, stress resistance and shelf life and increased knowledge of the regulatory processes will allow future manipulation of senescence for agronomic benefit.

We are also studying the genetic control of shelf life and nutrient content in Brassica vegetables particularly broccoli with the long term aim of using the knowledge gained in Arabidopsis to identify genes controlling post harvest deterioration in green vegetables.

Research Interests: