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Topics in Complexity Science module

This module was run several times, under the Taught Course Centre for shared PhD training between Mathematics departments at several UK universities.

09.15-10.10 Tuesdays and Fridays in Term 1

Syllabus and Reading list

Starboard files of lectures Autumn 2009

13 October Lecture1.pdf

16 October lecture2

20 October lecture_3.pdf

23 October lecture_4.pdf

27 October lecture_5.pdf

30 October lecture_6.pdf

3 November NO LECTURE

6 November lecture_7.pdf

10 November lecture8.pdf

13 November lecture_9.pdf

17 November lecture10.pdf

20 November lecture11.pdf

24 November lecture12.pdf

17 November lecture13.pdf

1 December lecture14.pdf

4 December lecture_15.pdf

8 December lecture16.pdf

11 December NO LECTURE

18 December NO extra lecture after all! Happy Holidays!