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Number Theory

The number theorists at Warwick work in a variety of areas, including:

  • Diophantine equations
  • Rational points on elliptic curves, curves of higher genus, and surfaces
  • Modular forms, including their application to Diophantine equations
  • Automorphic forms and their arithmetic
  • Analytic and probabilistic number theory
  • Computational number theory
  • Diophantine approximation, arithmetic combinatorics, and arithmetic statistics
  • Diophantine geometry (connections to algebraic geometry, algebraic groups, heights, special functions, transcendence and equidistribution)


Seminar activities are numerous and include a wide range from informal learning groups to more formal seminars. The Number Theory Seminar meets on Monday afternoons at 3pm in B3.02 or sometimes B3.01. There is a weekly informal group meeting which meets on Tuesday 3pm B3.02 and on Teams (hybrid format), and a study group at 1pm Friday B3.03 (execpt term 3 on Fri 28 June when it is MS.05). The junior seminar is in B3.01 at 11am on Monday. To receive the Teams links and updates please subscribe to the mailing list here. For historical activities in the group, see the list or the calendar.

Group Members


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A list of past PhD graduates from the number theory group can be found here.