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WMS 2nd International Symposium

Advances in Human Metabolism Research

‘Metabolism, Mitochondria and Fatty Acids’

A Society for Endocrinology Seminar

Scarman House, University of Warwick, UK

16 May 2013

Warwick Medical School had the pleasure to present the 2nd International Symposium on Advances in Human Metabolism Research, a ECO2013 satellite meeting.

This year's scientific programme brought together world-renowned experts in the fields of lipogenesis, lipid droplet formation, bioenergetics of uncoupling proteins, mitochondrial function and whole-body human metabolism.

The symposium was of relevance to biochemists, physiologists, nutritionists and clinicians interested in weight management, the metabolic syndrome in general, and the relationship between obesity and its comorbidities in particular. Delegates were invited to present posters and to exhibit during the symposium and two £100 cash prizes were awarded to the two best presented posters.

This symposium has been accredited 4 CPD credits by the Royal College of Physicians.

This symposium was followed by a training workshop on ‘Energetics: from mitochondria to man’ on 17 May 2013 led by Professor David Nicholls, Professor Orian Shirihai and Dr Charles Affourtit . This workshop provided the opportunity, for registered delegates, to be trained on the seahorse analyser . Participants also had the opportunity to experience the work with the whole body calorimeters in the Human Metabolism Research Unit based at the Clinical Sciences Research Laboratories of Warwick Medical School.

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