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Research Projects and Studies

Important parts of any research project or study are the final reports and findings. A key aim for all researchers is to make sure that findings or outcomes from research projects are accessible to all and easy to read and share widely.

Several recently completed studies, led by University of Warwick researchers, have published lay summaries that you can access below as follows:

Exploring the challenges of becoming a parent in Coventry during the Covid-19 pandemic - Becky MacGregor, Julia Gauly, Debra Bick, Jeremy Dale and Sarah Hillman recently finished a collaborative project with MAMTA, a local child and maternal programme. The project captured the experiences of new parents from Black and Asian backgrounds, who live in Coventry and who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth during the pandemic. Individual interviews were conducted with the women, and themes discussed included the challenges of becoming a parent during the pandemic, experiences of peer or community support, and unexpected positives that have come out of the pandemic. The conversations have been used to create a video to represent the experiences that the women shared. The video can be viewed here.

The OBoE Study - Investigating patient use of, and experience of online booking in primary care. Lay Summary

The Discharge Communication Study - An investigation of written discharge communication between hospital clinicians, GPs, and patients Lay Summary

parkrun Practice investigating uptake, engagement and delivery of this initiative Lay Summary