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WP2: General Practices

General practice analysis of institutional, organisational, and professional factors that influence the implementation and sustainability of decarbonisation actions.

This is comprised of two elements: an online survey for general practice teams, and longitudinal case studies with a sub-sample of 12 practices. The research shall be conducted in three ICB areas: Coventry and Warwickshire ICB, Birmingham and Solihull ICB, and South Yorkshire ICB.

WP2.1: General practice survey

A brief, 5-minute online survey will be distributed to general practice staff in the three selected ICB areas.

This survey aims to:

  • Establish current levels of interest in decarbonisation in general practice.
  • Understand the type and extent of specific decarbonisation actions that are being undertaken.
  • Gauge the awareness of decarbonisation resources currently available to general practice.
  • Understand the intentions, actions, and plans surrounding decarbonisation currently present in practices.

There are a variety of incentives to encourage survey completion:

  • One tree will be planted for each practice that provides one of more responses (through NHS ForestLink opens in a new window).
  • By completing the survey, you can opt into a prize draw with the chance to win one of five £50 vouchers.
  • Your practice can opt into receiving a Certificate of Participation, in recognition of support of the GPNET-0 Study and the tree that will be planted on behalf of the practice.

The survey is currently live - if you work in a practice in Coventry and Warwickshire ICB, Birmingham and Solihull ICB, or South Yorkshire ICB, please consider completing our survey, and asking your colleagues to participate.

You can view/download a copy of our flyer, advertising the survey hereLink opens in a new window.

Within the survey, there is the option for respondents to express interest in their practice being involved in the second part of the GPNET-0 study, by becoming a case study site.

Due to high demand, we will not be considering any further expressions of interest in becoming a case study site. We are currently undertaking a process to select case study practices. Our general practice survey, however, is still open, and any further responses would be appreciated.

WP2.2: What it means to be a GPNET-0 Study Case Study General Practice

Join our study! Regardless of how much your practice is or isn’t actively trying to support decarbonisation (i.e. reducing the greenhouse gas emissions), here’s an opportunity to take part in an important study. We're investigating how general practice teams engage with and implement decarbonisation activities over time.

Recruitment: We're selecting 12 diverse practices from Birmingham and Solihull, Coventry and Warwickshire, and South Yorkshire ICBs from the practices that complete the GPNET-0 Survey. The practices will vary according to practice size, deprivation index, ethnic diversity, location, practices' current engagement levels with decarbonisation activities, and varied geographical areas.

Costs Covered: Participating practices receive £2500 to cover study-related expenses: £1000 after setup, £500 at 6 months, and £1000 post-follow-up workshop.

What will each participating practice be expected to do?

  • Site Initiation Visit (SIV): A 30-45 minute online session to establish the working relationship with the research team, explaining participation, data collection and timelines.
  • Baseline Workshop and Interviews: Practices dive into decarbonisation resources at a kick-off workshop, followed by focus group discussion with 4 to 6 members of the practice team. We will explore drivers, barriers, costs, and benefits.
  • Two Weeks Post-Workshop: Practices confirm plans and actions, completing the baseline non-clinical carbon calculator for decarbonisation planning.
  • Three-Monthly Check-ins: Regular, brief online meetings with the research team to monitor progress, focusing on organizational and individual challenges.
  • 12 Months Post-Baseline: Repeat the non-clinical carbon calculator for a measure of change. Follow-up online focus group and interviews delve into practice experiences, actions, teamwork dynamics, and future plans.

Be part of the change! Join us in reshaping the future of healthcare sustainability.

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Dr Ana Raquel Nunes

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